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Partnerships & Development Sector

The most Successful Work in the World

STAFFERN-GROUP is an expert in several Gold Market and High-Technology mining fields. day after day, our staff offer quality products and services to our customers all over the world.

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Profiles Required:

We regularly require the following profiles:

• Chemists (mercury and Carbon Technology).
• Project Manager (Africa - South America).

Collaboration with Educational Establishments

In addition to our regular attendance at university campuses, we also actively develop partnerships with the universities and higher education colleges in order to promote our know-how. We also sponsor various former financial engineers associations as well as major events in our business sectors, such as Gold Financial market.

Our only creed is to encourage you to join us in order that we may work together to develop tomorrow's technologies!

Your Future With Us

We provide you with the opportunity of revealing your talents within human-sized companies, whilst being part of an international group. You can train in a climate of openness and trust, in order to develop or to perfect your knowledge and skills, and to promote your creativity. We offer a large opportunities for you to further develop your career.

Business Operation

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